Spooky Scary Skeletons

Disclaimer: the spookiness ahead may cause severe memes.

So to make sure you do give me extra candy here’s a video/animation from a long time ago that has the remixed version of the old song that was originally on the video which didn’t have the “bass” (I don’t know what it is called) called  Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Yo, whatsup my fellow spooky dudes. Halloween is coming and it is time to get ready! Grab your candies and memes because it’s about to get tasty (no pun intended).
Ok, here are tips for being a good candy getter:

First off, go for the big houses with lights on because they’re usually pretty wealthy and they got the big stuff there like giant chocolate bars and candy bags.
Now second, go early because if you get there first they sometimes give handfuls to you.
Then finally, just be nice. It’s pretty easy just… no I’m not explaining this you need to know this yourself.

So yeah, it’s that time again in the year where me and my friends get in our tuxes and turn into horses. Yes, you guessed it. What I am being for halloween is called a… horse in a tux! It’s gonna be pretty swag guys, so when I knock on your door you better give me some extra candy or I’ll be sad.
Comment down below what your being for Halloween and your favorite candy type!



15 thoughts on “Spooky Scary Skeletons

  1. Jayden

    I’m being Lava girl form Shark boy and Lava girl. My favorite candy is Coffey crisp and any type of chocolate really 🙂 I really liked the video to it was so silly!
    have a cake-filled day

  2. Jennifer

    Last year I was Pippi Longstocking for Halloween but my having braids sticking out both sides of my head was awkward. They kept bumping into walls. This year for Halloween I don’t think I will dress up but I will buy lots of candy and will be happy to give out handfuls to any skeletons, ghosts or well-dressed horses that knock on my door.

  3. Carson

    Yo what’s up Elijah,
    This is a swag post, now I know how to be a good candy getter! I think a horse in a tux would be a very funny costume. I am being a clown for Halloween.


    1. Elijah Post author

      Hi Carson
      Thank you! I wasn’t able to be a horse in a tux because it didn’t arrive in time, I had to be a monkey instead. I think a clown is a cool costume and would be fun to be. What is your favourite candy? Also what is the candy you got the most of? Please write back soon

  4. Arielle

    Hi Elijah,
    That video is so trippy. For Halloween I am being a person I made up(for details visit my blog on the weekend before Halloween) and my favorite candy is Rockets and Crunchy’s. I will so try out your candy getting advice.
    Peace pepays, Arielle

  5. Albert

    I don’t know what I’m being for Halloween, however I can answer what my favorite candy is, Crunch bars.
    I don’t really go trick or treating for the candy. I mostly go just to hang out with my friends. The trick is after Halloween, like November 1st, you go to a store and buy candy since it is usually cheaper.

    I am from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin Texas. Please check out my blog at http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/albert8952022/

    1. Elijah Post author

      To Albert
      I am not a huge fan of crunch bars but I think they’re ok. I do like to hang out with my friends more than getting candy though too also you’re right about cheap candy I do that sometimes after halloween too.

  6. Blake

    Hi Eli
    I think that was a really cool song. I think a horse in a tux is a good idea for a costume. What’s your favorite candy? mine are rockets.
    Hope to see more cool posts soon
    From Blake

    1. Elijah Post author

      Thank you! My favorite candy is any candy so I don’t know what mine is but I do love aero bars! I like that song too and that’s kinda why I put on my blog. How much candy did you get? I got a half a pillow case.

  7. Kaya

    Hi Elijah
    That was spooky but it was really cool.
    you should do more pots like that because it was funny.
    I had a good Halloween how was yours?

  8. Ethan

    Hi Elijah

    this is won of the most original memes i have ever Seen it is pretty swanky thought. this was pretty spooky the part where the skeletons made a huge dog it was creepy.this post was funny you should do more

  9. Lyric

    Hey Elijah,
    I really liked that video, but it was stuck in my head for days! It was funny though, and the original is awesome too. My Halloween was pretty great, I dressed up as the 1940’s with some of my friends, who were the other eras. One was the 1920’s, another the 1950’s and the third was the 1960’s. Keep in touch!

  10. roysd33

    Hi my name is Roy and I am a grade 5 student in Canada.
    I am writing because I find your Spooky scary skeletons remixed song interesting and nice tips for getting more candy on Halloween! Our class is learning to be a powerful commenter.
    When you said that the bigger houses with lights on give you more candy, you were right. Once I was trick-or-treating with my friend and we saw a big house so we decided to go there and we got a full sized Twix bar. Also you were right about the houses with lights have candy.
    What would you recommend dressing up as for Halloween?
    I also have a blog link roysd33@edublogs.org. It was a pleasure reading your blog post. Have a great day.


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