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The Letters Of the Alphabet

 Aletter Bletter C

 Leo Reynolds via Compfight  Chris via Compfight 

A is for Awesome just like me! I am awesome because I play hockey and hockey makes anyone awesome.

B is for Bacon. Bacon tastes good and I like having it with waffles or pancakes.

C is for Cat because that’s my pet. His name is Franky and he is black and white.

D is for Darude Sandstorm which is a great song. I love listening to it because it makes me feel good.

E Is for Elijah. That is my name.

F is for Fun. I love having Fun! I have fun playing video games and when I scooter.

G  is for great. I feel great when I play hockey because of how fun it is.

H is for Hat. I love them especially my Supreme hat.

I is for Ice cream. I Love Ice cream! Especially mint  chocolate ice cream because it is just so tasty.

J is for Ju Ju on That Beat. It’s such a good song and I like dancing to it.

k is for Kazoo. It’s a funny meme that makes me laugh a lot.

L is for Lemonade, a tasty drink and I want some always on any hot day.

M is for Meme I love Memes! I like laughing at them in my spare time.

N is for Ninja. They’re so cool! I want to be one someday.

O is for oops, we all make mistakes! Like the time I fell on my scooter.

P is for Pizza. Pizza is great but if you put pineapples on it you are committing a crime.

Q is for Queen. My teacher is Queen of Smarthlandia.

R is for Roblox I love that game! I play it when I’m at my grandma’s house because it’s on her computer.

S is for Supper. I have to eat that every night. My favorite is spaghetti or schnitzel.

T is for Toys. I played with them as a kid. I Liked lego. I played that a lot.

U is for Utah. I want to go there some day.

V is for Violin. I don’t like them. I’ve tried and I sucked.

W is for Watermelon, I love watermelon! I like them so much that there my favorite fruit.

X is for X ray, they really suck to get! Like at the dentist they are annoying.

Y is for Yeeta funny meme that I laugh at as much as Darude.

Z is for zeppelin. I want to fly on one someday. I saw one in a video game and they are cool. I also saw a real one, just a small one.   

The cupid trap

Day 1

Cupid has escaped and is on his way to Vancouver, we need to trap the n00b. Being the MLG lord I am I know how to trap cupid so he does not leave the Comox Valley and spread his love elsewhere. We will need a house and a car the house will have his wife named Psyche in a house and when he walks on a pressure plate he will fall through the wall and go in to a spaceship that has a love canon but the cannon can only shoot at the Comox Valley.

Day 2

We have begun constructing The Awesome Machine Of Love (T.A.M.O.L). It is working very well. When Cupid realizes where Psyche is he will go there instantly to save her but, PSYCHE. As CEO of T.C.I. (Trap Cupid International™©®) I will easily do what my company’s name says.

Day 3

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  Cupid fell into the trap he is now stuck in the house until he falls on the pressure plate then he will go to space and give the Comox Valley love for eternity he is so stupid for fall for the trick, his wife was a cardboard cutout with a audio recording, so stupid of him. love has already befallen the Comox Valley, WE ARE SAVED!!!!


Edited By Evann and Tyler