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Have you ever leaped off of a 30 foot pole?

I have, it was amazing! I mean it was scary and really shaky but I was completely safe  now I know what you’re wondering, “how is that safe?” Well I have the answer. I was safe because I was harnessed in so I couldn’t get hurt. Which brings me to my first lesson:

Perceived risk V. Actual Risk

One of the times I perceived risk when I was safe was on the possum log.

On the possum log I was safe but since it was 30 feat in the air I was scared until I got my balance and walked across where I finally realized I was safe and I couldn’t get hurt. Another example was on the leap of faith, it was super scary at the top I felt like I was going to topple down to the ground and explode but when I got my second foot on I was good.

Another example of perceived risk was on the leap of faith, I was quite scared at the top and it took a bit to get my second foot on it, in my head I knew I was safe but I didn’t feel like I was, until I put my second foot on and then I felt safe.

My last example is kayaking,

In kayaking I was scared I was going fall in and sink, but after a bit I trusted I wasn’t going to because I had a PFD on and I just kayaked like normal until we were done.


My next lesson is to keep trying,

My first example is when I was on the climbing wall. About half way I got stuck and couldn’t go farther up, I kept trying for about 5 minutes until I was too tired to go on.

My second example was on the giants ladder, where me and josh were climbing up. As we were climbing up I got stuck and I couldn’t go higher I kept trying though I never made it to the 3rd one.

My third example was on the leap of faith because I was stuck at the top, I couldn’t get my second foot on, but I kept trying and put my second foot on and jumped!

My third lesson is ACE.

The first one is Accept, some people did not jump at the leap of faith, they would climb up and go down again. No one made fun of them because they didn’t jump everyone accepted all levels of ability.

The second one is challenge by choice, that means you can go as far as you want and that’s fine. Examples of this are when some people didn’t want to jump of the leap of faith another example is on the giants ladder because I didn’t want to go to the 3rd bar.

The third one is encourage, on all activities people encouraged each other by yelling GOOD JOB! Or things of that nature and everybody felt good when they were done and encouraged too.

My conclusion of all these is too not judge people for what they do and to keep trying and not stop until you achieve your goals, and know when you are in danger and when you’re not in danger.